Day Excursions to Kandy Morning Approx 05.30 Am Leave the Hotel to visit Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage [09.15 Am – 10.30 Am]

Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage

Started in 1975 to house the abandoned and the wounded, the orphanage has grown to be a big family today. A unique experience never to be missed.

Therefore transfer to Kandy, Commence city tour of Kandy, including Upper Lake Drive, Market Square and the Home to Temple of the sacred Tooth relic of the Buddha [Dalada Maligawa], a Gem Museum & a Craft centre.

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Royal Botanical Gardens - Peradeniya

147 acres in extent; Started in 1374 as a pleasure garden of the Kings of Kandy. There are more than 5000 species of trees and plants. Some rare and endemics as well as flora from the tropical World. Spice Garden and Orchid House are popular with tourist’s.

Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic

ever since 4th Century A.D, when the Buddha’s Tooth was brought to Sri Lanka hidden from sacrilegious hands in an Orissan princess’ hair, the Relic has grown in repute and holiness in Sri Lanka and throughout the Buddhist world. It is considered Sri Lanka’s most prized possession.

Approx 04.30 Pm transfer back to the Hotel [Approx 04 Hours Drive]

Day Excursions to Galle

Morning Approx 08.00 Am transfer to Galle. En route visit Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery & a Mask Factory, IF you wish you could experience River Boat Ride on the Madu Gange & Galss Bottom Boat Ride at Hikkaduwa

Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery

Where you can see several species of turtles, specially the hawksbill, are endangered. Most vulnerable of all are their eggs, which are left uncovered on beaches all around the coast. The good will of Kosgoda area fishermen, who brings these eggs gratis to the hatchery, has led to the hatching and release of 100,000 young turtles in only two years since the hatchery opened. An endowment by the Hasselblad Estate was responsible for the establishment of this hatchery.

Afterwards proceed back to the Hotel Back En Route City Tour of Galle.

The Fort of Galle

The South Coast’s major city is Galle, whose oldest landmark is the massive Portuguese and Dutch fort in which the central city is contained. But the city may be much older.Some scholars believe it to be the ‘Tarshish’ of the Old testament, to which King Solomon sent his merchant Fvessels, and to which Jonah fled from the Lord. Today, the 90 acre Galle Fort who’s no evidence of the Portuguese founders. The Dutch incorporated the Portuguese northern wall in a great rampart in 1663. A second, taller wall was build inside of it. Between the two walls, a covered passage connected the central bastion with the fort’s two half bastion’s overlooking the sea. The Dutch also installed a sophisticated drainage system, complete with brick-lined underground sewers that were flushed twice a day by the rides. The original gate to the fort was by the harbor. It is still there, marked by the old Dutch V.O.C ( for ‘Verenigde Oost Indische Compagnie) arms with a rooster crest.

After sight seeing a Galle, transfer back to the Hotel [Approx 02 Hours drive]

Day Excursions - Whale Watching

Morning Approx 04.30 Am Leave the Hotel to Mirissa for Whale Watching [07.00 Am – 11.00 Am]

The Southern of Sri Lanka may be amongst the best Whale watching locations due to the frequent sighting of blue and sperm whales in the season of November to April.

Whale & Dolphin Watching

Regularly see large pods of dolphins and, in the migration season, blue whales can be found just a few miles offshore. Minimum numbers of people are four.

Normally total trip duration is 3.5 hours or 4 hours, it will depend on the condition of the sea. Boat has roof, seats, and toilet facilities. Boats have life raft, life jacket, life rings and communication equipments.

Afterwards proceed back to the Hotel Back En Route Visit Turtle Hatchery & Galle City Tour

Day Excursion to Rathnapura / Singharaja

Morning Approx 08.00 am leave the Hotel to Singharaja Rain Forest

Sinharaja Forest

Damp, mysterious and teeming with life, the Sinharaja Forest reserve is situated 120 Km south –east of Colombo, is the past extensive stretch of virgin rainforest on the island. At just over 11,000 hectares, lying across the wet zone at the southern edge of the hill country, Sinharaja is an ecological treasure trove. Its staggering array of flora and fauna place it among the top biodiversity hotspots in the world

Over 13 Bird species are found here including many of the 33 species of endemic to Sri Lanka. There is also a rich reptile population and myriads of insect species, many yet to be classified. Mammals seen here include the purple faced langur monkey and the giant squirrel Sinharaja is also home to the elusive leopard.

Its is preferable to explore Sinharaja on foot, which makes for a truly authentic jungle experience.

Therefore proceed back to the Hotel via Ratnapura “ The city of Gems”

Visit a gem Museum as well as gem mining areas.


“City of gems” is famous world over for the precious stones, mined in the traditional ways. Visitors can see the mining of gems. Several private gem museums exhibit all types of gem stones and sell gems to visitors. Both cut and uncut gems are available for sale.

The National Museum has a good collections of gem stones and the remains of pre-historic man who lived 20000 years ago, and bones of extinct animals such as lion, Hippopotamus, Rhinoceros, Gaur etc.

Bo-path Ella waterfall, Bata-domba-lena, Delgamuwa Temple, Saman Devala and remains of the Dutch church are some other attractions in and around Ratnapura.

Afterwards proceed back to the Hotel.

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