Nature & Wildlife

Our beautiful luscious island can boast to be one of the world's best nature destinations. With its vast biodiversity and high density of bird species there is simply no place like it for the Nature Lover! There are 435 resident species of birds in Sri Lanka out of which 26 are endemic to Sri Lanka. The Winter migrants fly in from as far away as Siberia and Western Europe. The reservoirs attract a vast number of water birds while the forests attract other species. Birds can generally be spotted through out the country in pockets of forests, lakes, lagoons and rivers. Sri Lanka is truly an ornithologist's Paradise.
For elephant lovers, something that definitely should not be missed is the seasonal movement of elephants at the Minneriya Lake called 'The Gathering' which is a congregation of about 300 elephants traveling from as far off as Wasgomuwa and Trincomalee. Lured by the lush grass exposed by the diminishing waters of Minneriya Tank, the dry season from June to September is the best time to see this awesome spectacle. An absolutely awesome experience to see so many elephants in such close proximity.

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